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Global Data Centres

Linked to NTT/VERIO's Tier One Network, are our geographically dispersed data centres. Each Data Centre is built to the highest technical standards and monitored by highly experienced technicians. InterSpace provides you with the unique ability to hosting your solution across the globe:

Europe USA     Asia S.America Australasia
  West Coast Central East Coast      
Amsterdam Bellvue Austin Ashburn Hong Kong Rio de Janeiro Sydney
Frankfurt Dulles Chicago (2) Boca Raton Jakata Sao Paolo Melbourne
London Irvine Dallas (2) Boston Kuala Lumpur    
Paris Los Angeles (3) Denver Carrollton Philippines    
Madrid Mountain View Houston Cleveland Seoul    
Netanya Portland Kansas City Detroit (2) Shanghai    
  Sacramento   Manhattan Singapore    
  San Diego   New York City Taipei    
  San Francisco (2)   Newark Tokyo    
  San Jose (3)   Orlando Netanya    
  San Ramon   Philadelphia      
  Seattle (3)   Rochester      

State-of-the-art Technology
Place your e-business in an environment uniquely engineered for ultra-reliable continuous operations. All Data Centres are built on the N+1 engineering model, featuring redundant uninterruptible power supplies, multiple redundant back-up generators, fire suppression, raised floors, HVAC, separate cooling zones, humidity control and multiple levels of security.

InterSpace has the unique combination of our own global network and data centres, allowing you to deliver the solutions that you require to your target markets across the globe.